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Our business begins with your business.

By understanding your goals we can suggest ideas and create plans suited especially for your needs. This customer-driven approach, coupled with 20 years of progressive experience in the field, has helped us to provide services to a wide spectrum of clients ranging in size from 1 to 1000 employees.

Quality Service

Your business will have a consistent point of contact from the onset. This means continuity of service for you. We want to work with you to help your business to succeed. mPower Hawaii is committed to servcing you fairly, professionally and responsibly.

Business Solutions

Custom applications are one of the best ways to streamline your operations, boost productivity and increase profitability. mPower Hawaii can put technology and information management to work for you. We specialize in industry specific, tailor-made applications and custom reports suited especially for the way you do business today and critical for the success of your business tomorrow.

We have developed customized applications for the following business areas:

•  CRM •  Accounting
•  Vendors & Contracts •  Invoicing
•  Pricing & Commissions •  Reports, Data Export
•  Reservations •  Employees
•  Event Management •  Scheduling
•  Payroll •  Report Cards

Some of the industries we've developed customized solutions for:

•  Tour & Travel •  Property Management
•  Transportation •  Construction
•  Warehouse/Distribution •  Federal Government
•  City & County •  Entertainment
•  Healthcare •  Education
•  Legal •  Non Profit
•  Medical •  Advertising


Software Development

With over 20 years of software development experience, let us help you implement the right business solution. Whether interfacing separate applications or customizing a new application, we provide expertise in a variety of popular platforms. Our experience in different industries gives you exposure to different alternatives when designing your solution.
Development environments:

•  FileMaker Pro
•  Microsoft Access
•  Microsoft .NET
•  Java, Javascript
•  Dreamweaver
•  Microsoft SQL Server
•  MySQL


Network Support

Your network is the infrastructure that keeps your business running. We have the expertise to keep your network healthy and stable. These are the network support services we provide:

•  Network System Design & Implementation •  Network System Maintenance
•  Network Inventory and Documentation •  Hardware and Software Implementation
•  Network Servers •  Workstations (DOS & Windows)
•  Internet & Intranet Integration •  FireWall Security Solutions
•  System Wide AntiVirus Solutions •  Disaster Planning & Recovery
•  Remote Access Solutions •  E-Mail Solutions
•  Backup Solutions and Procedures •  Stand-Alone & Network Printers
•  Network Fax Solutions


Scheduled Maintenance for Desktops

By popular demand, we now offer scheduled maintenance for your desktops. Like taking care of your car, routine maintenance on your computers will minimize unexpected downtime and costly repairs. Depending upon how critical your computers are to your business, we offer weekly, bi-weekly and monthly schedules or customize a schedule to meet your needs.

The following services are included in mPowerCare:

•  Anti-Virus •  Anti-Spyware
•  Computer Tune-up •  Check Operating System Installation And Settings
•  Recommend Hardware Or Software Upgrades •  Cleanup Temporary Files
•  Clean Vents and Mouse •  Review Hardware Life Cycle
•  Comprehensive Workstation Inventory